CEO & Principal Solicitor Position



Location: Canberra City, ACT.

Employment Status: Part time (24 hours)

Responsible to: Management Committee (EDO ACT)


This is a senior position and conditions include self-management and flexible hours. Salary is $80,000 pro rata and the position is offered as a permanent position based on successful ongoing funding, or as a 12 month fixed term appointment. A 6 month probationary period will apply to this position.

The Environmental Defenders’ Office in the ACT (EDO ACT) assists members of the community who want to protect the environment through law. EDO is an independent community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental law. The EDO’s core functions are: case work and legal advice; policy and law reform; and community legal education.


Position Objective:

To deliver on the CEO and Principal Solicitor Duty Statement (below).

To provide high quality public interest environmental legal advice and community legal education services to the community of the ACT and surrounding region in accordance with the EDO’s casework guidelines, its strategic plan and funding conditions.

To provide submissions to government, including the ACT and Commonwealth government, on policy direction and policy instruments within the context of environmental law in Australia.

To oversee the day-to-day management of the EDO (ACT) office and provide such information and support to enable the Management Committee to fulfil its duties in the governance of the EDO.


Key responsibilities:

The EDO is seeking a self-motivated person with a commitment to environmental protection.

As EDO CEO and Principal Solicitor you will be an experienced executive whose responsibility will be to lead, direct and coordinate all aspects of EDO operations. Under the broad direction of the Management Committee, you will provide advice and representation for members of the public and community organisations in environmental and planning law matters. You will use your creativity and vision to provide strategic legal policy direction to government and undertaking community legal education, law reform work and co-ordination of the service. Other duties include supervision of the ANU Environmental Law Clinic, day to day management of EDO’s operations, budget and resources, supervision of a junior solicitor and volunteers.


Selection Criteria:

The successful applicant will have:


1. Minimum qualifications:

A degree in law from an Australian tertiary institution, or a comparable overseas qualification.

▪ Admission or eligibility for admission to legal practice in the ACT.

▪ Possession of, or eligibility to hold, a current ACT Solicitor’s Unrestricted Practising Certificate issued by the Law Society of the ACT.

2. Ability to self-manage.

3. Passion and interest for ACT environmental laws, planning law, statutory interpretation and administrative law; ability to drive environmental law issues in the ACT.

4. An understanding of the place of community organisations in civil society and an enthusiasm for working with its members, partners, volunteers and the EDO committee .


1. Knowledge of and experience in planning and environmental law in the ACT and proceedings in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


For further detail contact Camilla Taylor at Camilla dot taylor at

Please forward applications, including a brief expression of interest and CV, to edoact at by 1 December 2017.

A short list of candidates will be interviewed on 7 December 2017.



Duty Statement


1. Provide strategic leadership

1.1 lead the EDO’s strategic thinking and work with the Committee to ensure that the EDO has a Strategic Plan, and multi-year and annual plans and budgets, which includes, but is not limited to, the EDO’s vision, values, mission and objectives, and prioritised activities that generate income to enable the Strategic Plan to be implemented;

1.2 ensure that the EDO actively communicates its strategic vision, values, mission and objectives in order to secure support for achieving those, including through strong, positive and effective profiling and presence;

1.3 build an effective working relationship with the Committee, including accountability and reporting and discussion of policy development;

1.4 provide quality legal advice and representation to members of the public and community organisations in accordance with funding criteria and conditions, and the EDO’s strategic priorities;

1.5 ensure the provision of legal advice complies with the highest ethical standards and risk management practices;

1.6 lead and undertake policy and law reform work which may include preparing written submissions and representing the EDO as required in public forums, presentations to Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly and other bodies on law reform issues, and provide associated services on a fee for service basis as appropriate; and

1.7 ensure that all decisions of the Committee are carried out faithfully.


2. Provide organisational leadership

2.1 demonstrate and reinforce the values and behaviours that inspire commitment to the EDO’s goals with the Committee, staff, volunteers, and external relationships;

2.2 inspire the Committee, staff and volunteers to achieve favourable strategic outcomes;

2.3 lead and maintain an organisational culture that fosters EDO values, learning, innovation, commitment, collaboration, and excellence, and attracts and develops high calibre staff and volunteers; and

2.4 adhere to clear lines of responsibility and accountability.


3. Ensure effective community engagement

3.1 develop strategies to achieve financial support for EDO’s law reform and policy agenda;

3.2 initiate, develop and maintain effective relationships with key stakeholders and external relationships;

3.4 develop strong and enduring collaborative relatio nships with current and potential future funding bodies including the ACT Law Society and others, state and territory EDO Offices (the ANEDO), and other external organisations such as the National Environmental Law Association, community legal centres, uni versities and conservation groups;

3.5 work constructively with the Committee and other EDO staff and consultants on fundraising, and manage the delivery of fundraising activities in a professional manner;

3.6 work with staff and the Committee to raise the profile of the EDO at law conferences, seminars and networking events;

3.7 deliver legal education seminars, papers, workshops;

3.8 publish plain English legal educational materials;

3.9 update and maintain the content of the EDO website; and

3.9.1 prepare articles for EDO publications and the website.


4. Deliver effective management

4.1 work with the Committee to ensure that the EDO maintains financial viability and reports its performance against its annual plan and budgets;

4.2 deliver the activities of the EDO in a timely manner in accordance with its Strategic Plan, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, contractual obligations, EDO rules, guidelines and policies;

4.3 co-ordinate the recruitment, retention, supervision and encouragement of volunteers, and delegate suitable tasks to volunteers;

4.4 create a positive, productive and inclusive work environment;

4.5 establish a performance culture that encourages cross-organisation collaboration as appropriate for th e EDO;

4.6 oversee and manage the delivery of a clinical legal education environmental law clinic;

4.7 provide reports to the Committee as required and in response to requests from the Committee;

4.8 participate in Committee meetings and decisions; and

4.9 manage the performance of other EDO staff.


5. Ensure effective fundraising

5.1 provide leadership for effective fundraising for the EDO, involving the Committee, staff and volunteers as appropriate; and

5.2 secure funding from government, philanth ropic donors and other individuals and organisations for the achievement of the EDO’s vision, values, mission and objectives.  



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