Newsletter: Spring 2017 – EDO Operational and Recruiting

The Environmental Defenders’ Office (ACT) remains open due to recent ACT government funding. After operating under a very tight budget, it is now in the welcomed position to recruit a new staff member (details are in the attached newsletter). In other news, the ACT Minister for Planning has recently approved the development application for the first stage of West Belconnen's Ginninderry development and the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability has announced a new grants program to help the ACT community to transition to zero emissions and reduce our contribution to global warming. See our Spring Newsletter for more information.

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Newsletter: Autumn 2017 - Funding, Falls, and Fuel

The Environmental Defenders’ Office (ACT) came close to closing its doors for good this year. Since the Federal government terminated funding to all EDOs across Australia in 2013, the EDO ACT has managed to provide its essential services in a tight fiscal environment. In other news, the EDO has been involved in the Ginninderra Falls development and the Hume Waste Plastics to Fuel proposal. The ACT Government has released a draft plan for the management of Eastern Grey Kangaroos and announced the ACT Healthy Waterways Project. See the Newsletter for more information.

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Newsletter: Summer 2014 - World Parks, Sharks and Rainforest Recovery

The recent months have been a busy time in the environmental law space with the passing of the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2014 (ACT) and the soon to be passed Nature Conservation Bill 2014 (ACT). The EDO (ACT) has worked tirelessly throughout the year to provide the ACT Parliament with law reform and policy advice on both of these Bills as well as the Bilateral Approval Agreement signed with the Commonwealth Government (aka the 'one-stop shop'). It seems this environmental approval policy will continue to be a topic of debate as recent deals in the Senate may have resulted in blocking the policy.
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Newsletter: Spring 2014 - Water, Wallabies and the Reef

This newsletter highlights the EDO's recent efforts to oppose the ACT Government's Environmental Offsets Policy and the Commonwealth/ACT Approval Bilateral Agreement for the "one-stop-shop" for environmental approvals. The EDO opposes offsets and has provided a submission to the ACT Government advising the best way to move forward whilst protecting the interests of the environment. The EDO also opposes the Bilateral Agreement because it may promote high risk or unsustainable development. See the law reform section of this newsletter for more information.

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Newsletter: Winter 2014 - Carbon Pricing, Offsets and Boycotts

Much has happened in the environmental law space since the autumn update. The repeal of the carbon price has dominated recent changes to environmental policy at a Federal level. The impacts of this move have repercussions on both domestic and international policies, at a time when a new global treaty on climate change action is being negotiated.

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Newsletter: Autumn 2014

This newsletter also comes on the heels of the release by the Climate Change Authority of its final report and recommendations. The report found that Australia’s current emission reduction target is inadequate.

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Newsletter: Summer 2013

The Commonwealth Attorney-General’s department has notified each Environmental Defenders’ Office across the country that their funding has been cut, effective immediately, with no claims on the private profession to step up for the environment, and pre-empting the Productivity Commission’s report on access to justice.

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