Submission: ACT Biosecurity Proposed Framework

August 2018

The ACT Government has developed a proposed framework for a new Biosecurity Act that will enable biosecurity risks to be prevented, eliminated or minimised. The EDO ACT contributed a number of overarching comments on the proposed framework with respect to interactions with the environment.

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Submission: Nomination of Unnatural Fragmentation of Habitats as Key Threatening Process

June 2018

This submission to the Scientific Committee outlines how listing unnatural habitat fragmentation as a key threatening process will help protect biodiversity in the ACT. 

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Submission: ACT's Climate Strategy to a Net Zero Emissions Territory

April 2018

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The ACT Government has been a leader in climate change legislation and policy in Australia and is best placed to continue to lead the way nationally to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reverse the impacts of climate change. 

The EDO ACT offered the following recommendation to the ACT Government’s Climate Strategy to a Net Zero Emissions Territory (December 2017):

  1. That ACT emission reduction targets and climate change strategies be integrated into decision-making processes of ACT Directorates and division, where it is likely that their decisions will impact on such targets. A greenhouse trigger needs to be including in the Planning and Development act, such that an EIS is required for projects with significant climate change target implications.
  2. That ACT Climate Change legislation and policy incorporate the newest environmental law principles and legally enforceable mechanisms be introduced to implement them.

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Submission: Housing Choices Discussion Paper

February 2018

In this submission, the EDOACT commented on the Housing Choices Discussion Paper and provided recommendations arising from our experience assisting individuals and community groups regarding planning and development where it impacts on the environment in the ACT and surrounding areas.

The aim of our submission is to identify key environmental issues that inform future planning decisions.  These issues include:

  1. Planning and development of greenfield areas;
  2. Community consultation;
  3. Integrating climate change policy into housing considerations and the need to coordinate policy approaches to future housing development and planning across directorates, to ensure consistency in objectives;
  4. Key legal and policy principles to take into account when developing future law and policies.

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Submission: Draft ACT-Commonwealth Government Bilateral Approval Agreement

September 2014

ANEDO has engaged in the "one stop shop‟ process to date by preparing background papers on best practice environmental laws and standards, making submissions on current legal standards, meeting with members of the Government and COAG taskforce on request to provide expert input, and consultation and submissions on the Productivity Commission‟s inquiry into major project assessment and approval processes, presenting evidence at three parliamentary inquiries, and making submissions on the draft assessment bilateral agreements when exhibited for NSW, Queensland, South Australia and on the draft approval bilateral agreements for NSW, Queensland and Tasmania.

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Submission: ACT Environmental Offsets Policy

July 2013

EDO (ACT) recommends that:

  • The ACT government places at the centre of the offsetting scheme the achievement of positive biodiversity outcomes based on robust and objective science.
  • The ACT government takes the recommendations of the Senate (Environment and Communications Committee) Environmental Offsets Report into account when developing the offset framework and that the ACT waits until any subsequent changes are made to the Commonwealth Government’s Offset policy before finalising the ACT offset scheme.

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Submission: Competition Policy Review Issues Paper

April 2014

This submission was prepared by EDO ACT on behalf of the Australian Network of EDOs
ANEDO is concerned that the exemption relating to environmental and consumer protection remains intact. Removal or dilution of the exemption would be inconsistent with the objectives of the CCA; it would go against the intention of the legislature when it originally enacted the exemption and it would limit the right to freedom of expression. 

Submission: Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia

March 2014

This submission was written by EDO ACT on behalf of the Australian Network of EDOs.

This submission involves directing the Inquiry to key areas necessary for environmental protection and our recommendations focus on the necessity for any regulatory management framework responsible for the development of Northern Australia to be underpinned by a strong and effective statutory regime to provide for these protections. 

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Joint Submission - Nature Conservation Bill 2014

April 2014

EDO ACT provided this joint submission, along with the Conservation Council - ACT Region on the Nature Conservation Bill 2013.

In short we broadly support the provisions within the Consultation Draft Bill and welcome the modernising of 34 year old legislation. We also welcome the alignment of it with national legislation the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. This document details the major concerns we have for what is not included in the Bill. 

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Submission: Exposure Draft Nature Conservation Bill 2013

Janurary 2014

EDO ACT as provided several recommendations for amendments to the Nature Conservation Bill to strengthen the protection provided to the environment, as well as improving the effectiveness of enforcement and compliance with the requirements of the proposed bill.

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