What we do

Law Reform

The EDO ACT actively engages in policy and law reform of the ACT’s environmental legislation as well as relevant Federal legislation. We advocate for more effective laws and policy to protect the environment.

Our law reform activities often involve:

  • submissions to government or parliamentary inquiries
  • reports and projects
  • policy advice to government as a member of an expert panel or stakeholder reference group

Legal Advice

The EDO offers free initial legal advice of up to two hours on environmental-law matters. If further advice is required, the EDO Solicitor assesses a request for advice against the EDO’s Casework Guidelines to determine if assistance can be given. If we cannot assist you, we can refer you to someone who can help.

What advice can we provide?

The EDO advises on ACT environmental law matters or matters in the ACT concerning Commonwealth environmental law.

In recent years, the EDO has helped in matters such as appeals on development approvals; the impact of changes to ACT planning, environment and heritage legislation; pollution offences (including noise pollution); dumping offences; protection of Canberra Nature Parks from inappropriate development; protection of listed endangered ecosystems; tree management and protection; nuisance and negligence; aspects of the law particularly relevant to indigenous members of the ACT community; and Freedom of Information requests.


The EDO ACT provides legal advice and assistance to people seeking to protect the environment, including formal legal action.

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