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EDO ACT offers expert legal advice on various aspects of environmental, planning and conservation law. The service provided by EDO ACT is free to individuals and community organisations, and extends from providing general information, through to representation during litigation for matters of significant environmental and community interest.

You can an book appointment with EDO ACT to discuss your matter face-to-face or over the phone.

Regular events and workshops are also facilitated by EDO ACT, delivering important education and training to the ACT region about environmental matters and developments in environmental law.

EDO ACT also actively participates in advocating for law reform, to strengthen environmental protections, and to ensure adequate reporting, monitoring and compliance is maintained with the laws in force.

General information about various legal matters have been addressed in our Factsheets. EDO ACT has developed and published a range of factsheets relating to tree protection, biodiversity law, noise pollution and heritage protection law. 

EDO ACT also maintains a list of useful resources maintained by other organisations and Government agencies. 

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