EDO ACT Calls For Smarter Public Investment In Our Local Environment And Community Groups

On World Environment Day, the Environmental Defenders Office – ACT has called for a smarter focus on how the ACT Government invests taxpayers money, calling for the Government to look locally and to support ACT based community organisations.

The Environmental Defenders Office – ACT (EDO ACT) is the environment’s legal advocate. The Labor-Greens Coalition Government decided not to support it in its 2015-2016 ACT Budget, following harsh cuts to funding by the Federal Government to EDO ACT, which now faces closure.

In its 2015-2016 Budget, the ACT Government has allocated $1,600,000 towards an “airline stimulus fund”. EDO ACT questions the necessity of such a large amount of money, several times the operating budget of most local environmental organizations including EDO ACT, being made available to major multinational companies.

“I find it difficult to accept that the ACT Government has chosen to direct taxpayers money towards subsidizing major international airlines over local, community focused, organisations.” EDO ACT CEO Camilla Taylor said.

“I think this budgetary decision gives mixed messages to the ACT community about what the ACT’s Labor-Green Government stands for in terms of its environmental credentials.”

The lack of ACT Government funding has come after ACT Attorney General Simon Corbell’s recent comments that the Commonwealth and ACT governments have a shared responsibility for community legal centres, of which EDO ACT is one, and his acknowledgment that the EDOs advocacy work plays an important role in ensuring a robust and efficient justice system.



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