On 27 September, the ACT Greens announced that, if elected, it would fund the ongoing operation of the Environment Defenders Office. Here is the EDO's media release welcoming that announcement.



27 September, 2016

“The ACT Greens’ announcement today that, if elected, it would fund the ongoing operation of the Environment Defenders Office (EDO) ACT is most welcome”, EDO CEO Camilla Taylor said.

ACT Greens Leader Shane Rattenbury has said if elected the EDO would receive $140,000 a year as part of a $3 million commitment to a range of essential community legal centres in the ACT.

“This funding would allow the EDO to stay open and continue to provide free advice on environmental legal issues to ACT resident and community groups,” Ms Taylor said. “It would also enable us to continue to provide free community legal education materials such as the ACT Environmental Law Handbook.”

The EDO ACT has asked all parties contesting the ACT election to respond to questions on EDO funding and other environmental policies by Friday September 30. “We urge all parties to tell ACT voters where they stand on supporting community access to independent and free legal advice on environment and planning issues,” Ms Taylor said.

The EDO will let the community know how all the parties’ responded to its questions in the coming week.

The value of EDOs, including their advice to governments on environment and planning law, is recognised by other State governments of all persuasions, for example, NSW and Queensland.

After 20 years of service to the ACT community, the EDO ACT is looking at closing its doors later this year. “Unless we can find the urgently needed funding, the EDO ACT will be the first EDO in Australia to close.” Ms Taylor said.

Contact: Camilla Taylor edoact@edo.org.au; 6243 3460




The Environmental Defenders' Office (ACT) is an independent non-profit community legal centre specialising in public-interest environmental law established in 1995.

EDO ACT works to provide access to education for the community with respect to their rights under the environmental laws of the ACT and the Federal Government. We advise on environmental and planning law and aim to increase public awareness of environmental laws and remedies.

EDO provides access to justice to anyone in the community who requires free advice, education and support for environmental legal matters. EDO also advocates for better standards in government law and policy.





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