Newsletter: Summer 2014 - World Parks, Sharks and Rainforest Recovery

The recent months have been a busy time in the environmental law space with the passing of the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2014 (ACT) and the soon to be passed Nature Conservation Bill 2014 (ACT). The EDO (ACT) has worked tirelessly throughout the year to provide the ACT Parliament with law reform and policy advice on both of these Bills as well as the Bilateral Approval Agreement signed with the Commonwealth Government (aka the 'one-stop shop'). It seems this environmental approval policy will continue to be a topic of debate as recent deals in the Senate may have resulted in blocking the policy.

We are also delighted to hear about the recent success the EDO (WA) had in putting a stop to the controversial shark cull policy and the victory at EDO (NSW) in preventing deforestation for the Leard Forest coal mine during the Winter and Spring seasons. 


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