Useful Resources

The following organisations and resources may provide useful information about environmental protection and management within the ACT, as well as access to community legal support and advice.

Conservation Council - ACT Region

The Conservation Council is Canberra's peak non-government environment organisation. The Council represent the interests of over 35 community and conservation organisations in the ACT and Australian Capital Region as well as the broader environmental interests of all citizens of the ACT.

ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

The Commissioner is an independent statutory position established by the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment Act 1993. The Commissioner undertakes the regular investigations and reports about  the management of, and threats to, the environment in the ACT and issues relating to ecologically sustainable development. For more information on the role of the Commissioner, refer to the EDO Handbook.

Legal Aid - ACT

Legal Aid ACT ensures that vulnerable and disadvantaged people receive the legal services they need to assert or defend their rights. It provides information and free legal advice about criminal, family and many civil law matters. Legal Aid ACT also provides grants of assistance for legal representation, subject to a means and merit test.

The Law Society of the ACT

The Law Society of the ACT represent, advances, and defends the interests of an independent legal profession in the ACT and protects the public interest in the ACT system of justice through the efficient regulation of the profession in accordance with the Legal Profession Act and the Society's Rules for Solicitors.

National Association of Community Legal Centres

The National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) is the peak national body for Community Legal Centres (CLCs) in Australia.

EDOs of Australia

Formerly the Australian Network of EDOs (ANEDO), EDOs of Australia is the country’s only national network of public interest environmental lawyers. The network is made up of eight independent, connected community environmental legal centres, including the EDO ACT.

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